The Walking Dead: Maggie justified turning to dark side

The Walking Dead: Maggie justified turning to dark side

There were still a couple of chances for director Greg Nicotero and his team to indulge themselves, including a firebomb assist from the Oceanside gang (everyone figured they'd show up eventually, right?) and the looming threat of a giant horde of walkers, all presumably drawn by the racket everyone has been making in the last season or so.

Just as planned, Rick kills the decoy group, and Ezekiel finds the map to lead them to Negan.

Saying he was wrong about Negan, she added, "We have to build this place up, make it work better than before".

Kill of the week: Morgan's slice "n" dice Savior victim.

It was later revealed that Rick's one-time ally Eugene, who was believed to have betrayed Rick and his group when he was captured by Negan, had actually sabotaged the weapons in order to save Rick and his old friends. Lennie James, who has one of the harder things to sell, also continues to do a great job of showing Morgan's mental breakdown via physical tics; in the opening of the episode, as Morgan tries to talk to Rick, Morgan's confusing dialogue is only muddied all the more by the sheer amount of struggle Morgan has with communication; it's painfully uncomfortable to watch Morgan's pained attempt at explaining himself.

And after a climactic battle in which many of Negan's followers, the Saviours, were wiped out by their own defective bullets, Rick seemed willing to do just that.

Madison may have her problems, but lack of affection for her children is not one of them (in fact, the biggest complaint about Madison through the first three seasons was how much she smothered her children). No one's particularly sure just how much time has passed between the death of Glenn and the demise of the Savior threat. He then told Carol it was time for him to go. For those few seconds, he described an optimistic future in which he and Negan could work side-by-side - and appeared to win over his enemy, as Negan's eyes began to well up with tears.

Quote of the week: "There's got to be something after" - Rick's repeated mantra for the week. Rick tells him that Carl wanted something bigger, and Negan is going to be a part of that too. You see what the plan is, but I'm also a bit hesitant about glossing over 2 years worth of story.

Morgan said at least one thing that made oodles of sense when he told Rick, "We are worse than we were, me and you" and that killing the Saviors in the bar was wrong.

Maggie and Alden are totally going to hook up, right? I think making Maggie a sort of villain character is a poor choice and direction for The Walking Dead series. Going by the name Al for short, this new survivor has a SWAT truck rigged with guns and plenty of supplies to survive the apocalypse. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. This includes all past episodes of The Walking Dead as well.

Granted, The Whisperers are introduced in The Walking Dead comics by ambushing members of The Hilltop, but aside from the ambush, the similarities stop there outside of what I think might have been a slight nod to the fan theory by having Alicia disguise herself behind her hair until Althea approaches her. Lincoln has been hush about his future with the show despite Season 9 already being ordered up by AMC with a new showunner ready to take over.