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Thousands protest Sarksyn's PM bid in Armenia, several hurt in scuffles

Thousands protest Sarksyn's PM bid in Armenia, several hurt in scuffles

The protesters took to the streets after opposition leader Pashinian called on Armenians to stage rallies to prevent Sarkisian's political transition.

The RPA will nominate Serzh Sargsyan as candidate for the next Prime Minister. Some chanted "Armenia without Serzh" and "Serzh is a liar". RFE/RL's Armenian service, Radio Azatutyun, quoted Pashinyan as attributing the move to the state media's failure to properly cover the protests, calling this and other broadcasters "mouthpieces of government propaganda".

Prior to that, the people entering the university building joined the demonstrators.

Since Monday morning, the demonstrators have blocked numerous streets in downtown Yerevan.

Forty-six citizens, including six police officers, applied for medical assistance as of 16:30, the Ministry of Health reported.

The number of protesters has grown to thousands in recent days with protesters blocking the center of Yerevan, capital of the former Soviet republic. Later on the police closed the part of Baghramyan Avenue which leads to the Parliament. Tensions in Armenia often flare up during presidential and parliamentary elections.

Armen Sarkisian, no relation to Serzh, became Armenia's new president on April 9.

Opposition politicians say the shift to a parliamentary republic with a powerful prime minister has been created to increase Serzh Sarkisian's grip on power in the impoverished Moscow-allied country.

On the evening of 13 April Nikol Pashinyan began-hour action in protest against a possible Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan.