US preparing new sanctions on Russia over Syria, Haley says

US preparing new sanctions on Russia over Syria, Haley says

As the on-the-ground investigation gets under way, the fallout from the US-led response continued to reverberate, with French President Emmanuel Macron claiming to have persuaded President Donald Trump to keep his troops in Syria.

General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that naval and air forces struck three primary targets, including a chemical weapons research facility outside Damascus and a weapons storage area near Homs.

Charles Glass, author of Syria Burning, says there is a good chance bombings will extend the war.

It remains to be seen if Russian Federation will eventually move to align Syria with the 2013 agreement.

"None of our aircraft or missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses", McKenzie said. "Better than a military strike would be serious discussions between the USA and Russian Federation on ending the conflict".

"Bashar Al -Assad will react awfully the reaction will be on the Syrian people not on anyone else".

Germany's foreign minister hopes the USA -led air strikes in Syria will result in a fresh effort to find a peaceful solution to the seven-year conflict.

Assad is convinced his country would continue its development regardless of Western actions, Sablin said. "The strategy failed. It must be time for a new one".

Following recent Airstrikes in Syria, local representatives in Congress are responding to the United State's action to punish President Bashar Assad for a suspected chemical attack against civilians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Haley told CBS' Face the Nation that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will announce details of the sanctions Monday.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said in London that the West had tried "every possible" diplomatic means to stop Assad from using chemical weapons.

"They will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use".

"If you look at what Russian Federation is doing, they continue to be involved with all the wrong actors, whether their involvement in Ukraine, whether you look at how they are supporting Venezuela, whether you look in Syria and their way of propping up Assad and working with Iran, that continues to be a problem", Haley said on Fox News Sunday. "People have really underestimated how much a lot of the Syrian people really value having the USA presence there", she added.

The officials said that while the available information is much greater on the chlorine use, they also had significant information that also points to use of sarin, which is a nerve agent.

Thousands of Syrians gathered Monday in Damascus in defiance of Western strikes on the country and to celebrate the regime reconquering a former rebel bastion outside the capital.

But the president of the Syrian American Council chapter in Chicago thinks President Trump is sending the right message to the Syrian regime. Haley stressed the USA was "not looking for war" and "not looking to kill people".

But Haley said the airstrikes accomplished their goal.

"We of course know that our work in Syria is not done", Haley said.

The White House, mired in controversies, is not likely to pursue Assad too aggressively, Piazza said. "With support from Russian Federation and Iran".

Putin, the Kremlin added, stressed that if "such actions, carried out in violation of the UN Charter, continue, it will inevitably lead to chaos in global relations".

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the BBC the primary goal of the attack was to "say no to the use of barbaric chemical weapons". Iran's Supreme Leader called the attack a crime and the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps said it gave "the resistance a more open hand", although it did not threaten to retaliate.

"But our efforts have been repeatedly thwarted" by Syria and Russian Federation, she said.