3-year-old upstages mom's proposal with 'peebomb'

3-year-old upstages mom's proposal with 'peebomb'

Allyssa, who has been dating Kevin for a year, said yes, with the couple not realizing they had been upstaged until they looked around after and saw a puddle form under Owen.

A proposal must be one of the most nerve-wracking things you'll ever have to do - not only praying that the other person says yes, but also that everything you've arranged goes to plan.

Przytula brought his girlfriend, Allyssa, to Bay City over the weekend to propose, according to WNEM-TV.

While a moment is being captured, making an unwanted presence felt in the frame is good fun.

Przytula stopped his girlfriend in front of a fountain and romantically dropped down to one knee.

It was filmed by Kevin's 11 year-old daughter Kayleigh, with the newly-engaged couple happy to see the amusing side of the unusual distraction.

This marriage proposal was simply meant to "pee"!

"Oh my God. You guys?" the friend said through laughs. "I love you with all my heart", he said, taking her hand and slipping the ring on as she said, "yes!"

When you've got to go, you've got to go.

"High school Graduation video for sure", Przytula said, already thinking of future ways to blackmail his son with the video.

"He pees exterior at dwelling typically within the yard and we went and obtained ice cream the opposite day and he did it within the vehicle parking zone there".

Owen is caught stealing the show because he just had to go.

The video has attracted 56,000 views since it was posted to Facebook on Saturday.