Airtel flouts licence norms to sell Apple Watch 3, alleges Reliance Jio

Airtel flouts licence norms to sell Apple Watch 3, alleges Reliance Jio

While the consumer has benefitted from the ever plunging data costs and free calls, existing telecom companies themselves have been barely able to fend off the onslaught from Jio.

To offer an uninterrupted connectivity service, carriers such as Airtel and Reliance Jio offer a dedicated network node. It is, however, pertinent to note that most of this action took place in the prepaid segment where most of the Indian users are. The talk is about the Rs. 149 prepaid plan. That was until now. The announcement of decision was made on April 24, 2018.

"The move could lead to another brutal tariff cut in the post-paid regime, hurting incumbents further: Jio's post-paid tariffs are sharply lower compared to the current tariff plans offered by incumbents", JP Morgan said in its report.

Jio's claim was regarding the network nodes hosting. Worldwide call prices range from as low as 50 paise a minute to Rs.6 per minute depending on the country you are in.

This is not the only single combo plan of Airtel but there are many others.

The Jio ZeroTouch postpaid Rs.199 plan offers consumers unlimited free calls and SMS (capped to 100 SMS' a day) and 25GB of mobile data. Among other benefits, while the Rs. 575 and Rs. 2,875 packs will come with 250 MBs of high speed data per day, the Rs. 5,751 pack will offer a total of 5 GBs of high speed data on global roaming. It has a daily cap of 1.5GB daily data. Users will also be able to roam internationally without paying any additional security deposit. Under this plan the ISD Calling is accessible with just 50 paise per minute.

The plan priced at Rs 199/- comes with unlimited voice calling, 25GB data, offers worldwide calling starting at just Rs. 50 paise per minute, doesn't have an overage charge, has auto pay zero clicks monthly payment, shows bill in real-time and you also get it in your inbox at the end of the month. The consumer can either choose to buy an worldwide roaming pack or continue without opting for any pack depending on the kind of usage he expects. Reliance Jio won't charge for a security deposit or service charge on global calls from Jio Postpaid. Also, the company said, "Jio Postpaid brings a differentiated connected living experience to postpaid users and will once again challenge the industry status quo by offering the lowest tariffs in India and overseas to the postpaid users, who end up paying disproportionately higher as compared to the prepaid segment". Airtel is offering 2GB data per day for 28 days at Rs. 249, and it has revised its Rs. 349 pack to offer 3GB data per day for 28 days, up from 2GB per day. "However, even in a scenario where we assume 10-15 percent of postpaid revenues are from worldwide calls, and global tariffs get cut by 50 percent, the impact on overall revenue of incumbents is likely to be less than 2 percent", A report states.