BC sues Alberta over bill that could 'turn oil taps off'

BC sues Alberta over bill that could 'turn oil taps off'

The court action comes amid a series of increasing tensions over B.C.'s opposition to the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline project from Alberta to the West Coast.

Trudeau has publicly vowed to build the pipeline with or without Kinder, and offered to indemnify the company against losses related to B.C.'s delays.

"If we were a long way away from a decision point on the pipeline, I maybe would spend 45 minutes chastising John Horgan in front of other premiers, but quite honestly, right now we're very close to a very complex decision with a lot of different moving parts", she said.

So Alberta said "No thank you" to signing its support to shared priorities around a multitude of issues, including pharmacare, legalized cannabis, justice, U.S.

But Eby insisted there is "a big difference" between Alberta's oil shut-off law and his government's request for a B.C. judge to rule on the province's power to regulate oil imports on environmental grounds.

The company responsible for the project, Kinder Morgan, set a self-imposed deadline to mothball the project if political interferences are not dealt with by the end of May.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, who represents Lakeland in northeast Alberta, will introduce the bill to the House of Commons within the next two days, Cousineau said.

"I can't walk out of my office or have a beer with someone where a conversation around this doesn't occur", said Rafi Tahmazian, senior portfolio manager at Canoe Financial, which manages shares of several Canadian oil producers.

"The Trans Mountain issue clearly has the magnifying glass over it, but we also have other issues that affect our Canadian economic future", Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said.

"They are still reserving the right to play legal rope-a-dope until the cows come home", Notley said.

"Pharmacare does not grow on trees", Notley said.

"It is not to stop the pipeline or prevent it", Eby argued.

Notley says she is not attending the meeting on Wednesday because her time is better spent making sure the Trans Mountain pipeline project goes ahead. "That's why we're fighting for the pipeline".

Both Manitoba and Saskatchewan have supported the pipeline project against British Columbia's objections, but Mr. Pallister said the western provinces need to focus on obstacles to free trade - both worldwide and interprovincial.

"We really want solidarity with the business community across industries and across the Rockies", he said in an earlier phone interview.

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