Eagles' Jay Ajayi sued for allegedly trashing mansion after Super Bowl

Eagles' Jay Ajayi sued for allegedly trashing mansion after Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi is reportedly the subject of a lawsuit centered around his behavior while staying in a Los Angeles mansion.

The NFL player has denied the claims in the lawsuit, which he called "bogus", and said he didn't damage the property in any way, nor host any parties, according to TMZ. Now the owner of that mansion is suing Ajayi for $25,000, alleging that he and his friend trashed the place. They threw three parties and damaged a table, scratched some floors, and violated the no smoking rule. A Miami Herald report said Ajayi had attitude issues leading to his trade, but Eagles coach Doug Pederson praised Ajayi's mindset leading up to the Super Bowl.

In total, Ajayi racked up $25,000 in penalty fees - but when the owner confronted Jay on February 18, he claims Ajayi "pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner". For each of the alleged parties, the owner charged Ajayi $5,000. TMZ says Ajayi accrued $25,000 in penalty fees and was confronted by the property's owner two weeks after the Super Bowl. Ajayi appears to be in line to be the team's No. 1 back this fall.

Ajayi denied the accusations through a representative, saying Ajayi and his group actually left the house earlier than the planned five days, but still paid the full price for the rental. In fact, the rep says it was the owner of the mansion who acted inappropriately by asking Ajayi to circumvent AirBnB by paying in cash.