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Environmental lawyers in push to stop gas pipeline in Finland

Environmental lawyers in push to stop gas pipeline in Finland

Sandra Oudkirk, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy, said in Berlin she would meet German officials to voice Washington's concerns about the subsea project.

About it reports the German edition of N-TV with reference to the representatives of the governments of the USA, Germany and the EU.

Economy minister Peter Altmaier defended the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is strongly opposed by many East European countries as well as the USA, who say that by circumventing Ukraine the pipeline will increase Russia's leverage over countries that rely on Moscow's energy sales.

According to them, trump at a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that Berlin should stop supporting the "Nord stream".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today (10 April) that plans for a controversial second underwater pipeline to bring gas from Russian Federation could not go forward without Ukrainian involvement in overland transit.

She said the Baltic was a congested, sensitive military area.

The then foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel criticized the Commission's proposal to amend the Third energy package of the European Union, to complicate the project of gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

Oudkirk said the new pipeline would divert gas flows away from Ukraine, which depends heavily on transit fees, and could become a pathway for Russian Federation to install surveillance equipment in the Baltic Sea, a sensitive military region.

Oudkirk said the US also opposed the pipeline due to security concerns, adding it would allow Russian Federation to place listening devices along the pipeline's route, although she declined to comment on specific devices.

Altmaier has said he is optimistic that a "substantial" amount of gas will continue to flow through Ukraine when the Baltic pipeline starts operating.

Oudkirk brushed aside as "false" the suggestion that the opposing the pipeline to ensure the US has Europe as a potential market liquefied natural gas.

It added the national permitting procedures in the other three countries along the route - Russia, Sweden and Denmark - are "proceeding as planned".