Fortnite's Thanos Mode Will Not Be Available From Tomorrow

Fortnite's Thanos Mode Will Not Be Available From Tomorrow

If we had to guess, we'd say it would operate the same was as the normal burst assault the same as the current one just with more damage.

The 4.2 patch notes will be released along with the update as the server downtime kicks into gear - so you'll have time to study up while Battle Royale assumes its next form. Due to this delay some quests may not function until the build releases.

'V4.2 is releasing tomorrow, May 16. "Downtime begins at 4am ET (08:00 GMT)". Developer Epic Games announced today on Twitter that the battle royale game's next update is coming on May 15. Fortnite INTEL reported on the new weapon and shared the image below that shows Epic Games' brief description of the new addition. However, Epic did not specify how long the downtime will last.

Infinity Gauntlet is a collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel to bring the MCU's Thanos to Fortnite.

Are you into Fortnite, if so how are you finding the limited time Infinity Gauntlet mode? share your thoughts below as always.

It's unclear if Epic Games will replace the Fortnite Avengers mode with another limited time mode (LTM) or hold off on launching a new event.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile.

While Thanos will be snapping his way out of the game soon, here's hoping that Fortnite crosses over with other big pop-culture franchises sometime in the future.

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