IPhone X Tesla Costs $4600 consists of Self-Charging Solar Panel

IPhone X Tesla Costs $4600 consists of Self-Charging Solar Panel

A gold button on the case can be pressed to deliver a charge to the iPhone X's internal battery.

But Caviar, a company in Russian Federation, has jumped ahead of both companies by announcing the sale of their new "iPhone X Tesla" that can be charged entirely with sunlight, according to a recent press release. Caviar said that the shock-resistant panel can charge the phone via sunlight or bright indoor lamps.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer a solar charger for your phone that costs considerably less than the iPhone X Tesla, do take a moment to check out Digital Trends' selection of some of the best ones now on the market. "It is easy to imagine this phone in the hands of the astronauts, pioneers, people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities". The 7.7mm thickness of the device more than doubles to 16.2mm, eliminating the camera bump.

The Plan includes a carbon foundation with gold decorative components and a battery charge indicator. Add local taxes and customs duties for the final price.

According to AppleInsider, Caviar planned to produce only 99 units of iPhone X tesla but based on high demands and pre-orders, the company will now make 999 units.

The first model off the assembly line is being given (appropriately) to Elon Musk.

Remember the company that created the iPhone 6S with Putin's head encrusted in gold?

$4600 gets you the 64GB iPhone X Tesla, but if you like your ostentatious handsets to come with more storage, there's also a $4800 256GB model.

Apparently the company produced 99 of the iPhone X Tesla's, but after pre-orders exceeded the number the company decided to make 999.

An accessory producer from Russian Federation named Caviar is going to sell an iPhone X with solar power capacity as a part of it.