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Kent State graduate's photos with AR-10 and cap go viral

Kent State graduate's photos with AR-10 and cap go viral

An AR-10 is the highlight for Kaitlin Bennett; it is a picture with a objective.

Bennett isn't the first student this graduation season whose graduation photo with a gun has gone viral.

If Kaitlin Bennett had been allowed to carry a gun at Kent State University as a student, she wouldn't have carried an AR-10 rifle. Members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the students, killing four and wounding nine more. She was also voicing a wide-held belief that the Second Amendment was intended as means for Americans to defend themselves against the government. In addition to opposing gun control measures and advocating for a right to carry on campus, Bennett's group argues that "taxation is theft" and, "voting is violence and democracy is the oppression of those who dwell within the minority opinion".

The series of tweets brought about many harmful threats, according to Bennett, but she said she has no apologies for the photos.

She waited until graduation was over to post the photo because of school regulations that has a policy barring students and staff from carrying guns on campus. But visitors are not prohibited from carrying firearms on the public university's grounds, although they can't take them into buildings.

She explained that now that she's a graduate of the university, "I can finally arm myself on campus". "Why does the school value the lives of guests more than those paying thousands of dollars to attend the university?"

She has received mixed reactions on social media.

Kaitlyn Bell isn't the only college graduate to post graduation pictures showing off the right to bear a gun. "The black officer that was with us during this photoshoot loved it, actually". She led an open carry demonstration on campus a couple of weeks ago. The message Bennett chose: "Come and take it", referring to her gun.

The tweets combined have received more than 24,000 likes and 7,000 comments; while many people were outraged by the images, others encouraged Bennett to "hang in there" and continue to express her beliefs. Twitter evidently suspended the Twitter user's account.

"After commencement, she joined the ranks of our proud graduates", Mansfield mentioned. "So I'm not nervous".