Kia to introduce 48v mild-hybrid diesel technology

Kia to introduce 48v mild-hybrid diesel technology

The system will be available on the new Kia Sportage SUV.

Kia Motors will introduce its first 48V diesel mild-hybrid powertrain in the second half of 2018. The first vehicle that will get this setting would be the Sportage, and in 2019 it will be equipped with the Ceed of the 3rd generation.

Kia say the big plus for the new 48V system is that it's so compact it can be easily integrated in to existing vehicle architecture (it's heading for Kia's petrol engines too) without the need to reconfigure the engine bay or lose space to a big battery.

Kia says the system is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions, and with the former will reduce Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4% in the upcoming WLTP test, and by 7% under the current NEDC test.

EcoDynamics+ diesel mild-hybrid technology with "motor" and "generator" modes Kia's mild-hybrid technology features a compact 0.46 kWh 48-volt lithium-ionbattery and a new Mild-Hybrid Starter-Generator (MHSG). In order to switch between "motor" and "generator" used by the inverter. The latter is connected to the diesel engine's crankshaft by a belt, and under acceleration, it provides up to 10kW (14PS / 13hp) of extra power. In "generator" mode, the system harvests kinetic energy from the vehicle during in-gear deceleration and braking and uses the power to recharge the batteries. The 48 volt generator recharges the vehicle's battery when the diesel engine is running. In this regard, the engineers significantly reduced 12-volt battery that powers auxiliary systems.

The battery recovers energy from the diesel engine's crankshaft when the auto is decelerating or driving downhill. The MHSG can then quickly restart the engine the moment the driver presses the accelerator pedal. The battery will sit below the boot floor in most installations, and the strain this system takes off the traditional starter motor and 12v battery means that both of those items can be replaced with smaller, more compact components. Charge from the 48V battery helps to start the engine in most conditions.

Kia adds that the system is equally compatible with manual and automatic transmissions, and front, rear or all-wheel drive layouts.

Kia will communicate more detailed plans for the roll-out of its new mild-hybrid technology in the coming months.