Leaked Instagram feature shows how much time you waste

Leaked Instagram feature shows how much time you waste

A Usage Insights feature that shows you how long you spend on Insta was found buried in its Android app. Instagrammers will be able to check out their "time spent" within the "Usage Insights" feature, according to TechCrunch. Well now, this Facebook-owned company has started testing a new feature that will tell you how much time you spend in the app.

An Instagram user called Jae Manchun Wong discovered "Usage Insights" code while examining the Instagram Android application package (apk) file.

Though the feature has been confirmed, no additional details have been shared yet.

In two follow-up tweets, Systrom added "We're building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram - any time should be positive and intentional".

He said: "Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it's the responsibility of".

It's not clear what information Instagram will be allowing users to view, such as how much you've used it in the last week or in the past month, but the idea of showing you the total time ever you've spent on Instagram is rather frightening prospect for many. For example, if you find out how many hours of your life you've spent on Instagram, you might be more shocked and thus unwilling to use it further, rather than a daily report that could help you curb the habit. Instagram is not alone here. It also confirmed that YouTube will soon include things like usage stats and notification reductions to make it easier for you to stay away from the smartphone.