Lenovo Z5 teaser shows an all screen phone without a notch

Lenovo Z5 teaser shows an all screen phone without a notch

Could Lenovo be the first company to launch a phone that literally has nothing on its front side except the screen?

Of course, with an all-screen smartphone (with seemingly no notch) comes questions surrounding where certain elements of the device that are normally housed within bezels are found.

Apple's iPhone X goes very close but for a tiny bezel and its distinctive notch, but Lenovo's Z5 seems like it might go a step further, according to a teaser sketch (above) shared by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng on Weibo that was first noted by CNET. Therefore, we don't know if there's a notch or a bezel somewhere that makes some space for front-facing sensors.

The Lenovo Z5 will arrive sometime in June and since it does not appear to have a facial recognition sensor other than the one that will be incorporated via software, it will probably have a fingerprint scanner for user authentication.

Whether the Z5 is ready for primetime, or is simply an example of tech Lenovo is still working on remains to be seen. We've seen this approached in a couple of different ways, such as with the iPhone X where the speaker and front-facing camera are placed in the notch that interrupts the display. Cheng also claims that the Z5 will comprise four technological discoveries such as 18 technology that is patented.

Where do you stand on the notch?

He calls it the Lenovo Z5, and this image follows an earlier teaser from him showing a partial render of the phone, accompanied by the claim that it has a 95% screen-to-body-ratio.