Malaysia ex-PM Najib quizzed by graft agency

Malaysia ex-PM Najib quizzed by graft agency

His press conference came shortly after Najib Razak, the former prime minister who ran the country during the 1MDB scandal, entered the MACC to give a statement.

USA investigators say associates of Najib stole and laundered $4.5 billion from a state investment fund, some of which landed in Najib's bank account.

SRC was created in 2011 by Najib's government to pursue overseas investments in energy resources, and was a unit of 1MDB until it was moved to the finance ministry in 2012.

Thousands of Malaysians followed a livestream on social media of Thursday night's raid at a Kuala Lumpur condominium, where police confiscated 284 luxurious Hermes Birkin handbags and 72 suitcases filled with cash, jewelry and other valuable items.

Malaysia's new leader, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who at the age of 92 came out of political retirement and joined the opposition to topple his former protege, has reopened investigations into 1MDB and has vowed to recover money that disappeared from the fund.

Najib will have to appear in person at the anti-corruption commission headquarters to have his statement recorded.

The sum is just a fraction of billions of dollars allegedly siphoned from state fund 1MDB, a scandal that dogged the last three years of Najib's near-decade-long rule and was one of the main reasons his ruling Barisan Nasional coalition lost in the May 9 election.

On Monday, Najib overhauled his legal team, according to attorney Harpal Singh Grewal, who had been serving as a spokesman for the former PM.

"Yes, I have withdrawn", he said in a text message shortly before midnight.

"The authorities should not have played a role in the rise of numerous criticism and insults on social media, and instead, abide by the law and act professionally when carrying out their duties", she said.

This photo was previously shared on a Facebook page, saying it was an unverified photo purportedly of Mr Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor's designer bags, estimated at RM20 million (S$6.76 million).

The publicity given to the search prompted Rosmah to issue a statement through her lawyers complaining of the danger of a "premature public trial". "I was the target because I was the prime minister and party president", Najib told supporters.

"It is our collective duty to fix the country's image so that we will once more be looked highly upon by the world", he said in his first such address since reassuming his role as prime minister, an office he held for more than two decades before leaving office in 2003.