New leaks reveal everything about Samsung Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6

New leaks reveal everything about Samsung Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6

The Galaxy J4 is going to be an entry-level smartphone as it features a 5.5-inch HD display and is powered by the company's own Exynos 7570 chipset backed by 2GB/3GB RAM. We've seen numerous reports that sales have been disappointing so far, but all the evidence we needed to see was the fact that major wireless carriers in the United States slashed Galaxy S9 and S9+ prices just one month after the phones were released. It will also offer Samsung Mall and new "Chat Over Video" features. Sadly, those hopes may have been extinguished last week.

The Galaxy S8 Lite will include a reused Galaxy S8 plan for design. Sensors on the phone are rumoured to include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.

Samsung will introduce its premium "Infinity Display" to low-end affordable smartphones in the Galaxy J series. The question, however is whether it will be the first Samsung smartphone to accommodate the feature, as they have been conflicting reports on whether or not the Galaxy Note 9 will debut the Samsung in-display fingerprint scanner.

A recent Galaxy S10 leak suggests that the in-display fingerprint sensor we were looking forward to with the Galaxy Note 9 will be delayed until the S10. In a nutshell, they're iterative updates that look nearly exactly like their predecessors, just like Apple used to do with its "S" model iPhones.

The latest Galaxy flagship that was guaranteed at one point to hide the biometric recognition technology underneath the screen only to reportedly fail and produce another delay is the Note 9. Will The Galaxy S10 fare better in the market than the Galaxy S9? The feature essentially creates a 3D model of your fingerprint that allows for far more accuracy and security compared to a 2D sensor. And Samsung is the king of OLED when it comes to phones.

This could see daylight a little earlier than you probably expect to fend off Apple's impressive next-gen iPhone trio, possibly opening the door for a Galaxy S10 launch in January 2019.