Oral Contraceptive Taytulla Recalled Due to Packaging Error

Oral Contraceptive Taytulla Recalled Due to Packaging Error

Allergan is recalling nearly 170,000 sample packs of birth control pills because placebo and active capsules were packaged out of order, heightening the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Some birth control pills are being recalled over a packaging error.

According to the FDA, some packages of the oral contraceptive capsules, Taytulla, may have four placebo capsules placed out of order.

The Taytulla birth control pills being recalled were first issued August 27, 2017. The brown placebo pills should be the last four of the pack.

The physician sample pack should have 24 pink capsules with hormones followed by four maroon capsules without hormones, Allergan said.

"The reversing of the order may not be apparent to either new users or previous users of the product, increasing the likelihood of taking the capsules out of order", Allergen's statement reads.

The recall involves pills expiring in May 2019. Allergan advises users who think they might be affected to contact their physician and arrange a return.

Allergan said it was notifying consumers by letter of the potential trouble.

Allergan, the drug's manufacturer, announced the recall Tuesday.

Allegan is notifying customers and is arranging for the return of all recalled sample pack product with the lot #5620706 Exp. Allegran said it hasn't received any reports of unintended pregnancies as a result of the packaging order.