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Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold regular consultations with United Nations envoy

Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold regular consultations with United Nations envoy

The comments, which came during the ninth round of peace talks in Astana, also made reference to groups in Eastern Ghouta who had struggled against the Syrian regime's onslaught last month, with Lavrentyev vowing that those who did not accept forced displacement would meet the same fate.

Zarif said he was "seeking assurances" from the backers of the country's nuclear deal after the United States pulled out earlier this month triggering broad global condemnation and fresh fears for the region.

The latest developments in the de-escalation zone, the releases of captives and hostages were addressed by representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran - the guarantor states that brokered a cease-fire in Syria in December 2016.

The statement affirmed the continuation of combating terrorism in Syria until completely eliminating ISIL, Nusra Front and all other terrorist organizations affiliated to al-Qaeda or ISIL. On May 14, bilateral and multilateral consultations took place, while a plenary meeting will be held on May 15.

The Russian resort city hosted the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in January, with 1,500 people representing the Syrian government and foreign-backed opposition in attendance.

Representatives of the Syrian government and some rebel groups attend the sessions, and the United Nations and Jordan generally send observers.

The committee is tasked with working to draft a revised constitution for Syria. However, they failed to achieve progress in the detainees' file.

Astana platform's Guarantor States (Russia, Iran and Turkey) affirmed their firm commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and called for the need to avoid all steps that would prejudice these principles and undermine the achievements of Astana process.