Scott Wagner to challenge Gov

Scott Wagner to challenge Gov

The poll shows 37% of voters said they would vote for Wagner, while 23% said they would vote for businessman Paul Mango and 18% said they would vote for lawyer Laura Ellsworth.

Laura Ellsworth - a commercial litigation attorney and former chairwoman of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce - stayed out of the fray and made that choice part of her campaign, the station noted.

"In the weeks and months to come, this campaign will move full speed ahead to spread Scott's blue collar, pro-paycheck message all across Pennsylvania, and we are confident we will defeat Tom Wolf in November", said Jason High, Wagner's campaign manager.

And Ellsworth and Mango both said they'll support Wagner in service of a larger goal. Wolf is soft-spoken and chooses his words carefully.

Those "body blows" will hurt Wagner, though how much is hard to say, Borick said. Wolf, 69, has a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He singles out public-sector labor unions as a particular target of his vitriol and has inspired comparisons to President Donald Trump. "I am the most conservative candidate in this race".

Wolf likely will attack Wagner as posing a danger to programs for children, schools and seniors, while Wagner likely will attack Wolf as a serial tax hiker, an out-of-touch elitist and a lousy leader.

The primary also features a weirdly-competitive democratic primary for lieutenant governor, with a truly colorful cast of characters involved.

Pennsylvania's primary elections are this coming Tuesday, and there's a lot to pay attention to.

"Leading the Republican legislature, Scott Wagner has been standing in the way of progress and blocking efforts to change Harrisburg and help Pennsylvania families".

Wagner's lieutenant governor candidate is Montgomery County real estate developer Jeff Bartos, who had already been unofficially running alongside the senator.

Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor has become the first holder of the office to lose in a primary election.

Wolf a year ago ordered an investigation into the treatment of state employees by Stack and his wife and stripped Stack of state police protection.