Service dog unexpectedly gives birth at Florida airport

Service dog unexpectedly gives birth at Florida airport

A service dog went into labor at Tampa International Airport just before she was scheduled to board her flight to Philadelphia.

Paramedics from the Tampa Fire Rescue assisted the 2-year-old golden retriever named Eleanor Rigby to give birth to seven males and a female puppy, in an occasion enjoyed by all the travelers who were present near Gate F-81. Tampa Fire Rescue documented the exciting moment, posting pictures and video on Twitter. "Especially in an airport", said Kelly Bonnazio, witness to the delivery.

Other passengers came and went, casually sipping their coffees and charging their phones as they watched puppy after puppy delivered on the carpet, airport spokeswoman Emily Nipps said.

The puppies aren't allowed to fly for another eight weeks so Van Atter said she will drive home with them.

Ellie is short for the service dog's full name, which is Eleanor Rigby.

The pregnant yellow lab was flying to Philadelphia with her owner and her "partner", Nugget.

Finally, they all made their way into the world, one by one, and got cleaned up on a black and green blanket, before they could snuggle up to their mom. (Tampa International Airport/ Facebook) It was a tough day for the new mum.