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Solemn tour: Ride of Silence honors cyclists killed on roadways

Solemn tour: Ride of Silence honors cyclists killed on roadways

"It's just for cyclists to pay tribute to the people that have died in the past", said GPBC board member John Le Duc.

"We are looking for ways to make it safer for people to not have to get in the auto every time they want to go somewhere", Tierney said.

The Ride of Silence participants listened to a prayer honoring the fallen bicyclists and then without saying a word, they pedaled on. The Ride of Silence, a world-wide event now in its 16th year, also aims to promote the share-the-road campaign and promotes awareness about bicycle safety. In 2017, seven cyclists were killed in Iowa.

Columbus police were the guests of honor and led the group.

When: Wednesday at 7 p.m. "I'm a cyclist myself and can definitely relate here". About 68 riders participated.

Espinoza said drivers need to be more aware of cyclists and should respect their right of way. He recommended drivers giving cyclists at least four feet of room, especially on roads where no bicycle lanes are available.

"We have hearts, lungs and legs for our engines rather than gas, oil and pollution", Hardy-Braz said.

Many cyclists are asking for the roads to be shared including Steven Hardy-Braz.

"If you understand that you're introducing yourself into an environment where we're having accidents at the rate of one an hour ... because of that, exercise the greatest safety", he said.