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Teacher had students drown raccoons in cages during class, Florida parent says

Teacher had students drown raccoons in cages during class, Florida parent says

A parent told Fox 35 she was "disgusted" when her son, a student in the Forest High School agricultural science class, brought home video of the incident she said he secretly recorded.

"They basically tortured these animals and drowned them", she said.

Dewie Brewton, who teaches at Forest High School in Ocala, was placed on administrative leave with pay and removed from the classroom "pending the outcome of a district investigation", Marion County Public Schools officials told the Ocala Star-Banner. In addition to holding down the drowning raccoons, the students and their instructor would use water hoses to spray the raccoons and opossum in the face in an effort to speed the drowning process. The raccoons did not drown easily, the student said.

"The teacher trapped them in cages, they then took the cages and he instructed the kids how to kill them", she said.

One said Brewton is one of the greatest people he knows.

In a statement posted on Facebook Tuesday, the club's alumni group defended Brewton, describing him as a teacher who worked hard for his students and who cared for the agriculture industry. A representational image of raccoon from North America waiting for meal at Jatim 2 Secret Zoo in Batu, East of Java Province, Indonesia.

'It made me sick, ' the mother, who asked to remain anonymous, told WKMG. It made me sick to my stomach. "It's bad. It still does make me sick to my stomach", the mother said of the drownings.

An agriculture teacher in Florida allegedly drowned two raccoons and an opossum with help from students, school officials and parents said.

Brewton was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, per the Ocala Star Banner. "The district is determining the status of the teacher at this moment".

The district says, "Marion County's education standards - in fact, Florida's education standards - do not include activities for the destruction of live animals, nuisance or not".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is also investigating, and told WJCB it was "looking into" the legality of the alleged incident. "The FWC takes these matters seriously", FFWCC said in a statement on the matter.

A Florida trainer was being investigated after dad and mom mentioned he had college students take part within the drowning of raccoons and chickens Monday.

The chapter also criticized coverage of the incident, saying the media will "escalate" the situation "to lengths that are unnecessary".