'Time travellers' welcome to Stephen Hawking memorial

'Time travellers' welcome to Stephen Hawking memorial

If you want the chance to attend his memorial, the ballot closes at midnight tomorrow on 15 May, so get your applications in now - unless you're a time traveller, then you have all the time in the world.

The organizers of the ceremony the memory of physicist Stephen Hawking gave an opportunity to the people of the future to register for participation.

So far all applicants live in the present, according to the Stephen Hawking Foundation, but the door remains open to voyagers in a fourth dimension.

Professor Hawking, who died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76, believed time travel could be achieved.

One of the most endearing stories about the late Stephen Hawking was when he put out an invite to time travellers to attend a party of his - but no one came.

As part of the Discovery Channel series Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking, the Professor threw a party for time travelers, only sending out the invitations after the fact.

"We are so grateful to Westminster Abbey for offering us the privilege of a service of thanksgiving for the extraordinary life of our father and for giving him such a distinguished final resting place", said Lucy Hawking.

Hawking's foundation said that the possibility of time travel has not yet been disproven, so it can not be excluded.

London blogger IanVisits first noticed the future birthdate discrepancy on the application for the event, and it's possible that the future birthdates represent a programming error instead of an actual invitation for time travelers to attend.

'All things are possible until proven otherwise'. "And we really do mean ball - supporters of the theory of a flat Earth is not here", said the Fund.

"He was curious and he had a great sense of humour", she said.

In January a year ago, Prof Hawking posted a touching tribute to his family, friends and others who have "helped and supported me along the way and made my universe so full of life, love and energy".

Well, it appears that his family is keeping the joke going for his upcoming memorial service at Westminster Abbey on 15 June.