WWE Raw: Watch the best moves here

WWE Raw: Watch the best moves here

This past Monday, the WWE Universe bore witness as Braun Strowman became the first Superstar to qualify for the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which will award the courageous warrior able to climb a ladder and snatch the contract a World Championship opportunity at the time and place of his choosing. Roode says winning the MITB contract would be a dream come true.

Instead, superstars like Jinder Mahal would get the chance to face Lesnar, provided that he could survive a match against other worthy superstars that night. Mahal says he can not compete tonight and Angle says the match is still on tonight, Mahal says he will still qualify for Money In The Bank tonight.

Ever the fighting champion, Seth Rollins has defended his Intercontinental Title across four continents in the past three weeks, and he's willing to put his prize on the line against anyone that answers the call.

- Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas defeated Breezango after a double team finisher to Fandango.

The former UFC Champion has only competed in one match since her January debut with the WWE, defeating Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and WrestleMania 34 in a mixed-tag match alongside Kurt Angle. Kevin Owens advanced to the MITB ladder match to end the show.

Ember Moon hasn't been on the WWE main roster long, but she has already made a big impression and hopes to keep it going at Money in the Bank. They lost the crowd here, worst than during the six-woman match. Unless WWE plan to turn Bobby Lashley heel soon, then they may just come to regret that awkward sit down interview with Renee Young last week. Bliss got the pin on Bayley to win.

Roman Reigns knows that the majority of fans that flood into the arenas on a weekly basis don't like him, and he's aware that there's simply no shying away from it.

- Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre defeated Finn Balor and Braun Strowman. Strowman sent McIntyre crashing through his Greatest Royal Rumble trophy at one point. He was out there complaining about last week, and Kurt Angle stopped and decided against him getting any more opportunity. So far, it is known that there will be at least two MITB ladder matches (men and women) with eight superstars in each - four from Monday Night Raw and four from SmackDown Live.

And when will the company determine a solo run by Owens, potentially as a babyface, is more beneficial to the former Universal Champion than the current storyline with his BFF, Sami Zayn? Rollins picks up Owens and hits him with the revolution knee, and then he climbs to the top himself, and he goes for the frog splash, but this time Owens gets his knees up.

This week's Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge match has already been accepted ahead of time.