YouTube Testing Incognito Mode On Android App

YouTube Testing Incognito Mode On Android App

Incognito mode has become a standard feature for many apps and programs in recent years, starting with internet browsers. And now it looks like YouTube might be the next app to add to its arsenal of privacy features with a full-fledged incognito mode, according to a report from Android Police.

Basically, users would be able to manage and access their YouTube app using voice controls completely.

Those who received the new voice feature on their Android devices got a pop-up notification in the YouTube TV app regarding the arrival of the feature. Currently, you will see Switch account and Sign out as two different items, but they may soon be bundled into one, with the empty slot being given to Turn on Incognito.

When it arrives (it's likely a server-side change that won't require an app update), your viewing history from the current session won't be saved, and it seems that your subscriptions won't be tainted by your disgusting choices in entertainment. Users have complained about this issue and requested an incognito mode to avoid it; by using this mode, any videos watched wouldn't influence recommended videos. Like Google Chrome, YouTube appears to be adding an incognito mode for that exact goal. It's as if you were signed out without being so, and there's a neat incognito icon replacing your avatar.

It appears that Google has started pushing out a brand new feature to those using YouTube TV on their Android devices. We'll keep an eye on it and see if it shows up for more people.