Burgers behind IHOP name change

Burgers behind IHOP name change

"For 60 pancakin' years, we've been IHOP", the tweet read.

The restaurant announced last week it would be flipping the "p" in its name to a "b", becoming IHOB. Others had more fun, speculating that the B stood for bitcoin or break dancing.

Some wondered if the "b" stood for "breakfast", since after all, the restaurant serves bacon, eggs, omelets and more along with its traditional pancakes.

The tweet included a short video with the answer to the mysterious "b" as burgers.

Rebelez is not anxious about people being disappointed.

Word is spreading that the name change is not official and that it's just a summer promotion, but the restaurant has not commented.

After the marketing stunt, more people will now likely associate IHOP with burgers than previously did, even after the name reverts back to plain old IHOP. "They had fun for a week trying to figure it out", Rebelez said.

America loves burgers, and IHOP wants to be a bigger player at lunch and dinner.

It doesn't look like the classic menu is going anywhere, though, so you can still get your pancakes.

Although the name change may not be permanent, a few IHOP's in Los Angeles have taken things to the next level by changing their store signs. Is Rebelez anxious that he's competing more directly with his corporate sibling?