Google won’t renew Pentagon contract to Use AI

Google won’t renew Pentagon contract to Use AI

Following months of employee outrage and media scrutiny, Google has decided not to renew its contract to develop AI image recognition software for USA military drones, Gizmodo reported.

San Francisco: Technology major Google may not renew a contract that allows it to collaborate with the Pentagon on Project Maven. The dissidents said it clashed with the company's stated principle of doing no harm and cited risks around using a nascent artificial intelligence technology in lethal situations. The meeting, dubbed Weather Report, is a weekly update on Google Cloud's business.

Over 3,000 Google employees signed a petition in April that was attached to an open letter addressed to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and published in the New York Times.

The news of Google's plan to end its involvement was first reported by Gizmodo.

Google makes out that it is a happy family friendly brand, but the truth is that Google is a very brutal company and all Google cares about is money.

Maven had an initial budget of $70 million. It was part of a major push by Greene to break into the lucrative business of selling cloud services to the government, where Inc. and Corp. dominate.

Google earlier responded to the employees petition saying that the technology was meant to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work.

Google's decision to provide artificial intelligence to the Defense Department for the analysis of drone footage has prompted a backlash from Google employees and academics.

An internal email sent in October 2017 entitled "MAVEN Kickoff Meeting Notes" quoted deputy secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan as saying during a meeting with Google that he wanted "a built-in AI capability" in all future Department of Defense systems deployed in the field. That having said, the company seems to honor the commitment towards Pentagon and will have to co-operate with Project Maven until the current contract expires. Google was reported of working on a set of guidelines that could see the ban on use of AI in warfare. "Or using AI to prevent cyberattacks on our electrical grid?" "All of these would save the lives of our people or protect our networks or society".

But Google has also been facing outside pressure.