Guardiola: Toure knows he’s spreading lies

Guardiola: Toure knows he’s spreading lies

Pep Guardiola has officially responded to Manchester City legend Yaya Toure's outburst over his alleged "problems with African players" after initially refusing to comment.

He has since gone on to success at Bayern Munich and now at Manchester City, who he led to the Premier League title in 2017/18 with a record number of points, wins and goals.

He said, "He knows that I'm not racist".

Toure and Guardiola have clashed in the past, and his agent, Dimitri Seluk, went one step further, insisting that calling the Catalan a "dog" - which another representative, Mino Raiola, did previously - is too kind to the City boss.

That, of course, opens the door to a potential cross-city move for Toure, who could join United and work under Jose Mourinho.

The Ivorian lasted two years at Barcelona under Guardiola's managerial tutelage during his Camp Nou reign.

The midfielder made just 10 appearances in the Premier League last season and before leaving the club after his contract expired.

Pep Guardiola has ruled out ever returning to coach Barcelona again, and says that "the stars aligned" during his first stint in charge.

"The other players will never admit it publicly but some have already told me that they ended up hating him". We had a generation of brutal players and the best player in the world (Lionel Messi) as well.

"I even asked coaches for my stats".

"What do you want me to do", added Guardiola in an interview with TV3.

Xavi left for Qatar two seasons ago and Andres Iniesta left for Japan at the end of this season - arguable the two most influental players in the side.