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Kim summit vindicates Cold War doctrine of deterrence

Kim summit vindicates Cold War doctrine of deterrence

Ms Bishop's opposition counterpart Penny Wong echoed concerns that North Korea might not follow through on its promise.

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong newspaper reported that the Boeing 747-4J6 plane chartered by the North Korean leader has been used by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang for his overseas trips.

The agreement has four points, with the third stating that 'the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula'.

The North's state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) heralded the summit as part of a "changed era".

Despite Kim's pledges for denuclearization and the optimism for further talks, the easing of restrictive measures on Pyongyang will not be coming in the near future, according to Trump.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, in partnership with AP-GfK, conducts a regular survey on foreign policy that includes a series of questions about what actions Americans support or oppose the United States taking to pressure North Korea to stop building its nuclear weapons program.

"My whole life has been deals".

"It looked good on camera", Oba said, adding that it would still be a relief to the region that relations remain on a positive trajectory.

"I think China may be concerned about losing their leverage over North Korea and fears that North Korea and the USA may enter into an anti-Chinese alignment", said Charles Armstrong, a historian on Korean affairs at Columbia University in NY.

By meeting with Kim in Singapore on Tuesday in front of thousands of journalists and photographers, Trump has already given the regime a carrot it long sought, and he threw in an additional concession by suspending USA military exercises with South Korea.

Trump's complimentary words about Kim and North Korea have also raised cries of alarm-his statement that things were "rough" in North Korea but also "rough in a lot of places" echoed the "violence on many sides" that drew ire after protests a year ago in Charlottesville.

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Given his hawkish views, Bolton was described as a "human scum and a bloodsucker" by North Korea's propaganda outlets in 2003. But under the deal, the regime froze its nuclear activities and agreed to dismantle nuclear facilities in return for oil and two light-water nuclear reactors for electricity. Bilateral trade has plunged in recent months as China ratcheted up enforcement of the increasingly tough restrictions ordered over the North's missile and nuclear weapons tests. But Trump's joint statement falls short even when compared with smaller, piecemeal agreements made before the 1994 accord.

Discussions are also left on economic rewards North Korea will receive such as sanctions relief and investment in the regime.