New Phoenix VA report notes concerns about in-hospital complications

New Phoenix VA report notes concerns about in-hospital complications

President Donald Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018 which is created to expand healthcare access for veterans.

"We do our veterans no favors by promising care without backing it up with resources", said Sen. Among other features, it will also provide support and benefits to the caregivers of severely disabled veterans who served before 9/11, thus extending to them the same long overdue benefits that their Post-9/11 counterparts receive.

It will allow veterans, with the approval of a VA provider, to see private doctors when they do not receive treatment they expected. Warning of "virtually unlimited increases" in veterans care spending, the Trump administration argued in a memo circulated to lawmakers that added costs to the newly expanded private care program should be paid for by cutting spending elsewhere at VA.

The new law, first sponsored by both the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairmen Representative Phil Roe and Senator Johnny Isakson, specifically aims to put the veteran back in the center of her own healthcare. Access to health care will be greatly expanded thanks to a bipartisan bill signed by President Trump. "The decision of where you get your care will be, as it should be, between you, your doctor and the VA", he said.

President Donald Trump is setting up veterans for likely disappointment as he tells them they have freedom to get quick medical care from private doctors when they're unhappy with government-run health care.

It also had the support of Concerned Veterans for America, a conservative group that has grown influential in the Trump administration.

Veterans groups cheered the legislation as major step toward improving veterans care. "I will continue to fight to improve care and fix the VA through my work on the committee".

The VA Mission Act also gets rid of restrictions limiting private and community care to veterans who live more than 40 miles from a VA Facility, or have to wait more than 30 days for an appointment.

Cox added, "Virginia is one of the most veteran-friendly states in the nation and we've worked hard to provide our veterans with access to education, job training and placement services, and healthcare when they've returned home".

Cox has introduced over 120 pieces of legislation for the military, veterans, and their families during his time in the House.

As the term for that act neared its end, the Veterans Affair Committee began work on taking the improvement process further.

Supporters of a separate spending measure said otherwise the VA Mission Act will blow a $10 billion hole in the budget, forcing cuts to other VA programs to make up the difference.