Prey Mooncrash DLC Available Today Plus Free Base Game Update

Prey Mooncrash DLC Available Today Plus Free Base Game Update

It also plans to launch new downloadable content called "Moon Crash", an "infinitely replayable" game mode that randomizes all of the enemies, hazards, and loot each time you fire up the game.

Both pieces of Prey DLC are available right now.

First up, Prey will be getting three separate singleplayer modes: Story Mode, for those wishing to experience the game's story; Survival Mode, which will put you into a hardcore survival scenario including oxygen levels and a bleed status; and New Game+, a much-requested feature to the original game.

Prey: Mooncrash's Typhon Hunter minigame will be playable in VR, or without.

TransStar has a secret moon base, but it stops transmitting, so Peter is sent there to investigate.

Pete Hines took to the stage to make the announcement and stated that the game will allow you to play as a hacker who can take over Nazi robots and turn their own machines against them. There appears to be elements of progression, though, as the description reads, "The further you go, the better the loot - and the better your chances for survival in your next spin through Mooncrash".

And coming later this summer is Typhon Hunter, a new multiplayer mode that sets one hunter player against five mimic players.

Wolfenstein's VR mode on the other hand will be available as a standalone release sometime in 2019. Additionally, a VR escape room minigame called TranStar VR will also be a part of the update.