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Pyongyang may soon return U.S. soldier remains

Pyongyang may soon return U.S. soldier remains

Between 1990 and 2005, the United States was granted the repatriation of 229 sets of remains from the North under an earlier agreement that was subsequently suspended when ties between the two countries deteriorated.

Chinese state media reported that Xi praised Kim's "successful summit" with U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim thanked China for "playing an important role in the denuclearization, and the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula".

The meeting came a week after Kim met with Trump in a historic summit in Singapore on June 12, in which Kim affirmed his commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and they agreed to build "new" bilateral relations.

During his latest visit, Kim was accompanied by his top economic official, Premier Pak Pong-ju, on a visit to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee describes her story of escaping the country and President Trump's negotiations with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. -South Korean military exercises by the United States-which played right into the hands of the Chinese-promoted "freeze for freeze" strategy and cast doubt over American security guarantees to our allies across the region. The U.S. and South Korea suspended a major joint military exercise that was planned in August in what was seen as a major victory for North Korea and its chief allies, China and Russian Federation.

President Donald Trump said North Korea had returned on Wednesday the remains of 200 USA troops missing from the Korean War, although there was no official confirmation of the move from military authorities.

"I think we've made it clear this is a goodwill gesture to strengthen dialogue momentum", Kang said.

Chinese state media reported the visit nearly as soon as he arrived, and CCTV broadcast the welcoming ceremony and the summit on the evening news. Indeed, statements from the Chinese Foreign Ministry immediately after the meeting in Singapore suggest that China will advocate for United Nations sanctions levied on North Korea, which contributed to Kim Jong-un coming to the negotiating table in the first place, to be relaxed as a result of their supposed compliance.

Over the course of this two-day visit, Kim and Xi exchanged vows of friendship and promises of economic cooperation, in a carefully choreographed display of amity that ignored the recent history of chilly relations between the neighbours.

"Chairman Kim promised that North Korea would destroy a missile engine test stand soon", the official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

About 7,700 US military personnel remain unaccounted from the 1950-1953 Korean War, US military data shows.

US and South Korean officials expect to discuss the issue Friday, with consultations expected to continue next week when the USA defense secretary travels to Seoul.

During their last China trip, to Dalian in May, several members of the North Korean delegation visited the Donggang business district and state-owned electronics manufacturer Hualu Group.

The KCNA provided an extensive report on the summit, a day after Kim and Xi met in Beijing in their third meeting in three months.