Release Date Confirmed for February 22, 2019 - Anthem

Release Date Confirmed for February 22, 2019 - Anthem

Kicking off E3 2018 is Electronic Arts with more information on its big games for 2018, including Battlefield V and Anthem. If that wasn't enough then later in 2018 the game will receive a significant update based around the Clone Wars era - one that will feature new maps, modes, heros and villains. That means BioWare can use this space to tell your story without dancing interruptions, and it can also more powerfully reflect the consequences of your decisions. A demo has been shown, with it being played by two players, and it looks like a nice step forward from the original. They also showed off some new gameplay quirks but not much else.

Originally conceived as a single player open world adventure in the classic BioWare vein, Anthem, sees the team combining some new ideas into their old classic RPG formats. You will be able to play solo, but things will be more hard that way since you'll have no back-up.

This year's E3 will be EA's chance to reinvigorate enthusiasm in their household franchises, as well as prove to gamers that their upcoming games will be worth purchasing despite their many past mistakes. The game follows the player in an attempt to defeat a mysterious enemy. But delays have not dampened anticipation for the game, because everything we've been shown looks fantastic.

When it comes to the Anthem release date, we already know that it's billed for early 2019. We also got to see some Anthem gameplay. Additionally, players will be able to customize the various suits with cosmetic appearances and gear. The Javelins change up the gameplay in various ways with a whole host of different abilities for each one.

Join with up to three other players and assemble high-tech, hand-crafted, uniquely powerful exosuits. While I don't want to say it's basically Destiny 2.5, comparing Anthem to Bungie's game just got easier.

According to Comingcoone.net, EA and BioWare have announced the official Anthem release date!