Royal Family Criticized Over Prince George’s Toy Gun

Royal Family Criticized Over Prince George’s Toy Gun

While Savannah got a swift telling off from her mum, Autumn, the future King turned to his mum for comfort, and Kate was snapped consoling the little Prince and stroking his cheek.

The event marked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first appearance together following their rumored honeymoon.

According to Daily Mail, Prince George was unhurt by the playful push but was seen looking upset later in the day, being consoled by his mum Kate Middleton.

The young prince's mother, Kate Middleton, appeared to be enjoying the downtime as they watched Prince William play at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Polo Club.

The third-in-line to the throne was photographed playing with the gun with a friend in the grass.

Footage, which has been posted to Twitter by royal fans, shows the youngster clapping as the family stood on the balcony after the traditional fly past.

One person wrote: 'This was the only disappointing thing about today's polo match photos.

George, who's known to have an interest in police, was also pictured playing with what looked like a toy knife and handcuffs. My American side here, biased maybe b/c of everyday #gunviolence in United States of America, but my British side agrees.

Prince George was sent tumbling down a hill over the weekend as his cousin Savannah Philips gave him a push.

But pictures from the day depicting George brandishing a toy gun cast a shadow on an otherwise happy day. This looks far too real.(And I LOVE Prince George, don't get me wrong!)'.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, had her hair pulled back in a knot, and she took the kids around to play and pet the animals at a day that was billed as "a fantastic day out for all the family".

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