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Trudeau on Trump: we support North Korea efforts, won't engage on comments

Trudeau on Trump: we support North Korea efforts, won't engage on comments

"Fair trade is now to be called fool trade if it is not reciprocal", said Mr Trump, who flew from Canada to Singapore for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Heyman said Trump's tweets and protectionist about-face could and force Canada to look for trade partners beyond the USA, noting Canada's trade frameworks with Europe and Asia.

Trump said he chose to back out of the G7 communique after watching Trudeau's closing summit news conference, at which he warned that Canada would not be pushed around on tariffs - a point the Canadian prime minister had made several times before.

"He really kind of stabbed us in the back", Kudlow said, echoing Navarro.

Trudeau, at a press conference at the end of the summit, had announced that Canada's retaliatory tariffs against the US would go into effect July 1.

Both Navarro and Trump's chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, echoed those sentiments during appearances on Sunday talk shows.

"Canadians are polite and reasonable but we will also not be pushed around", he had said.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday (Jun 12) kept up his feud with America's closest allies over trade, saying he could not allow them to continue taking advantage of the United States.

Dairy has emerged as the latest flashpoint between the USA and Canada as they renegotiate the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

Earlier today, Trudeau cheered Trump's bid to broker a deal to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons, but he stayed mum on the US administration's persistent trash talk.

"I get into Air Force One, the television's on, and I see a news conference being given by the prime minister of Canada", Trump said.

The sector, worth $21 billion (US$16.2 billion) in farm and processed dairy shipment sales, is the target of blistering verbal attacks and Twitter posts from Trump who complains that Canada's tariffs, as high as 314 per cent, are unfair to the United States.

Five automakers - GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. - produced about 2.2 million vehicles in Canada a year ago. Save public charges of treachery for our adversaries.

Canada's loss has been Mexico's gain, as production there has soared thanks to Nafta and other trade deals.

The vast majority of Republican voters, 75 percent, said they support tariffs on China, while a majority of Americans overall support tariffs on China as well.

The fight isn't just with Trudeau and Canada but with the best allies of the U.S., Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California said on CNN.

"Sorry, we can not let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on trade any more". The president could have said that.

How should Trudeau respond to the White House's insults?

"There had to be an agreement someplace that the president clearly felt other members had clearly violated, or at least the prime minister had violated", Rounds said.