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Eight boys rescued from Thai cave recovering — Sunglasses and chocolates

Eight boys rescued from Thai cave recovering — Sunglasses and chocolates

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that the successful rescue at Tham Luang will set an example for other rescue operations in the future. They were discovered last Monday by British volunteer divers huddled on a narrow rock shelf deep within the flooded caves.

They were celebrating a second day of stunning triumph after divers guided four more boys Monday through tight passages and dank flooded caverns to safety.

But the death of a former Thai Navy SEAL diver who ran out of oxygen in the cave on Friday underscored the danger of the journey.

"Water levels are the same like the last two days", he said, adding that rescue efforts were expected to be "quicker or at least as quick as yesterday".

Police and military personnel use umbrellas to shield a rescued boy beng transferred on a stretcher from a helicopter to an ambulance after he emerged from the Tham Luang cave.

The footballers still awaiting rescue are about two kilometers further in, at a point very hard to access.

"All five will be brought out at the same time today", he said, to cheers from reporters and rescue workers. He initially sprung into action and started communicating with Thai officials and engineers to assist with the rescue at the behest of Twitter users. Tuesday's operation began just after 10am. "But we will manage to get them a TV for that [watching the World Cup final]".

Twelve boys, ages 11-17, and their 25-year-old coach hiked more than 2 miles into the labyrinth June 23, prompting a desperate search. The first four were rescued on the first day of the operation on Sunday.

A health official earlier described the mental and physical condition of the eight rescued so far as "good", adding they will be kept in hospital for around a week.

"The kids are footballers so they have high immune systems", Jesada said.

Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong, Inspector General of the public health ministry, said the first four - aged 14 to 16 - taken out on Sunday were eating normal, plain food.

Some family members have been allowed to visit the boys in hospital, but are only allowed to observe them from behind a glass window.

Four boys and their soccer coach remain in the cave.

American space entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted that he was in Thailand on Tuesday with a prototype mini-sub, at the flooded cave where five members of a youth football team remained trapped.

Heavy rains lashed the northern Thai region late Monday and a steady downpour has continued Tuesday.

The Thai navy SEAL unit, which has been overseeing the rescue, confirmed on its Facebook page that the total number of boys brought out was eight.

The third and hopefully final rescue mission is now underway.

Narongsak said Monday's rescues involving 18 divers and a support team of 100 had taken nine hours, two fewer than the rescues on Sunday.

In the first video that Musk posted online, scuba divers can be seen testing out the submarine at the Palisades Charter High School pool. Eight boys have been rescued so far.