Is THIS why Georgia kicks off on tonight's Love Island?

Is THIS why Georgia kicks off on tonight's Love Island?

Although Zara's stint in the villa was short, it appears to have made a lasting impact on Ellie as the pair can be seen running from their cars and jumping into each other's arms with excitement.

However, as Georgia fumed over whatever Flackers had to say, some fans noticed that in one clip the Islander was wearing a full set of acrylic nails, but in another shot they were all gone.

Viewers were quick to express their shock at the decision with many criticising the couple for not being real when they appeared to move on to the new islanders quite quickly.

"Love Island is deffo fake, when Georgia gave Ellie a hug she had her nails done like acrylic and then in the preview for tomorrow she has no nails on like and it's meant to be the same day still love it tho and won't stop watching", declared another person on Twitter.

"Ffs if the islanders don't pick Georgia and sam to go home imma be fummmmin", another tweeted.

A third predicted: "Imagine if because they've broken the rules they both get kicked out OR one of them gets kicked out and the islanders have to chose who goes".

"I am actually here for Georgia and Sam necking on, they better have sex in that shower", said another.

She tells them: "You haven't been saved by the public or your fellow Islanders". It's a huge decision, it's either split up and remain in the villa or stay together and leave.

Islanders you must now decide as a group who should remain as a couple in the villa.

"If you decide to stay as a couple, you will leave immediately without returning to the villa".

She added: "But you can't be with each other".

"You can take some time now to talk it out and come back to me with your decision". "Georgia and Sam. Or Megan and Wes".

Love Island has welcomed new boy Josh Mair alongside three other new Islanders leaving ITV2 fans with a lot of questions about the newbie from his age, Instagram and even his job.