Jordan Named in New Ohio State Wrestler Lawsuit

Jordan Named in New Ohio State Wrestler Lawsuit

Ohio State has said university officials' response to concerns about Strauss is a key focus of the investigation.

Over 200 former students and university employees have been interviewed by independent investigators reviewing allegations against Richard Strauss involving male athletes from 14 sports as well as his work at the student health center and his off-campus medical office, University President Michael Drake said.

So far, Jordan has insisted he did not know about the abuse and never had any abuse reported to him.

Snyder-Hill said he told the officials he wanted to be notified if they ever got another complaint about Strauss, and he never heard more about it.

Jordan has publicly said he was never aware of abuse when he was an assistant coach from 1987 to 1995, and he has repeatedly denied some former wrestlers' claims that he knew they were inappropriately groped by Strauss.

"The reason they have all said that is because it's the truth", Jordan said. Jordan's spokesman says the congressman spoke Monday, July 16, 2018, with the firm looking into allegations against Dr. Richard Strauss and how the school responded to any complaints about Strauss.

"While there is no place in Congress for individuals who have engaged in acts of physical or sexual abuse in their past, no one has accused Jim Jordan of abuse and he's made clear that if he had knowledge of the conduct taking place at Ohio State he would not have hesitated to address it", Renacci said. House Speaker Paul Ryan also defended Jordan, calling him "a man of integrity".

"The rampant sexual abuse and culture of sexual abuse was reported to Ohio State administrators and to the head of the athletic department", the complaint said. The wrestlers' lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Strauss worked for the university for two decades, retiring in 1998.

Fury declined to provide details about the interview, including whether Jordan was accompanied by an attorney during the session.

On Tuesday, Ohio State confirmed that it had been informed of the reports of alleged sexual assault by Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005.