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Republicans mull holding former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page in contempt

Republicans mull holding former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page in contempt

Lisa Page - whose affair with FBI agent Peter Strzok has led Trump to dub the pair the "FBI lovers" - was due to give a deposition before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees Wednesday over her role in those investigations.

Ms. Page was scheduled to testify on Wednesday before the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees.

Jeffress said that Page will testify later this month if she is given access to the Federal Bureau of Investigation files.

'Congressional subpoenas for testimony are not optional, ' he said. It was then that he heard the news that she may defy the subpoena and refuse to testify and condemned it as a "total disgrace".

Page was schedule to testify before Congress Wednesday.

House GOP lawmakers dispute Jeffress's exact timeline, arguing she had all the information she needed for an unclassified interview earlier in the day.

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday about former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Lisa Page's to testify before Congress. "In fact, Lisa and I went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation today today to review the materials that were previously produced to Congress related to her proposed interview, but after waiting more than three hours, we were not provided with any documents".

Page's decision is sure to provoke Congress' ire and the committee could move to hold her in contempt of Congress.

Republican lawmakers have seized on a text in which Mr. Strzok discusses "an insurance policy" against the president and another in which he vowed to stop Mr. Trump from becoming president as evidence the Mueller investigation is biased.

Page's lawyer said the committee issued the subpoena on Saturday, July 7, and would have been asking her about material her lawyer said she had not yet been shown.

Page has "made it abundantly clear that she will cooperate" with the congressional investigation, Jeffress told CBS News. The text messages were uncovered during the Justice Department inspector general's probe of the Clinton email investigation.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia) didn't buy this excuse, saying that Page knew for months that she was expected to testify.

Strzok previously served as the chief of the FBI's counterespionage section and played a role in the early days of special counsel Robert MuellerRobert Swan MuellerSasse: US should applaud choice of Mueller to lead Russian Federation probe MORE's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow.

Even several committee Republicans don't expect that Page will seriously consider taking up the offer for her to appear at the hearing Thursday, to be questioned alongside Strzok. Page had already left the Mueller team.