Thai Soccer Team: What Happens Now That They've Been Rescued From Cave?

Thai Soccer Team: What Happens Now That They've Been Rescued From Cave?

Since the rescue, Tham Luang cave is becoming a tourist attraction and Hollywood directors have already started scouting for Wild Boars: The Movie.

After nearly three weeks trapped in the dark, away from their loved ones in a cave in northern Thailand, the boys, aged between 11 and 16, were allowed to see their relatives in a carefully controlled environment, as doctors are still concerned about their health.

Rescue divers told BBC News the boys were heavily sedated during the rescue to prevent them from panicking in the water-filled passageways, which were barely large enough to fit through.

"Thank you very much for taking care of our children".

Volanthen praised the entire global rescue team, which included 90 of the best scuba divers from around the world, for saving the group, who became trapped when monsoon rains struck on June 23 and flooded their exit. Their discovery immediately prompted discussions on how to get them out, with initial reports suggesting that the safest way to rescue the team was to wait out the rainy season, which lasts until October, and guide them out once the flooded tunnels had dried.

The footage, which was posted on the Thai Navy SEAL Facebook page and captioned "the operation the world never forgets", appears to show the workers carrying the boys on stretchers.

"From our assessment, they are in good condition and not stressed".

Meanwhile, doctors said the boys they saved have so far not shown any significant ill effects from their ordeal as rescuers head home.

But he denied they were knocked out for the miraculous rescue.

Scott, who lives in Thailand and went to the site in Chiang Rai as the boys were being pulled to safety, made the announcement late Tuesday on Twitter in a video.

A Google search on Tuesday for the words "Thai cave rescue" revealed 359 million results.

One of the team members, Sam-on, is a top student and athlete whose proficiency in languages allowed him to act as translator for the British divers who helped rescue the team, CBS News reported.

Narongsak Osatanakorn is the official who oversaw the rescue operation. They were told to remain calm and motionless as two divers prepared to tug them through murky waters and along guide ropes that had been put in place.

Once past this stretch, they reached Chamber Three, the SEALs' main base.

The story of the Thai boys lost and found and finally rescued has all the makings of a Hollywood drama, capped with a happy outcome, and film companies are scrambling to buy their story.

"The favourable outcome that has been achieved is nearly beyond our imagination when we first became involved", they said.

The 12 Wild Boars players and their coach had entered the cave to go exploring June 23. "They have to help each other".