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'The highest level of special': Trump praises US-UK relationship

'The highest level of special': Trump praises US-UK relationship

"The enduring relationship between our nations has never been stronger than it is now", Trump said.

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May's plan for Brexit would "probably kill" the prospects for a free trade deal with the U.S., said President Donald Trump in an interview with The Sun.

"Once the Brexit process is concluded and perhaps the United Kingdom has left the European Union, I don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is OK with me, that's your decision", Trump told a press conference with May in the garden of her official country residence Chequers.

Standing next to the Prime Minister at a press conference at Chequers, the President shifted his stance from that in The Sun's world exclusive interview where he warned a softer Brexit would "probably kill" a United States trade deal.

"I think she found it maybe too brutal", Trump said of the suggestions he made to May regarding Brexit.

But Trump did have many bad things to say about Theresa May, criticizing her handling of Brexit and even hinting that he would support challenger Boris Johnson to become prime minister.

"I read reports where that won't be possible, but I believe after speaking with the prime minister's people and representatives and trade experts it will absolutely be possible". "And, that Brexit is a very tough situation, that's a tough deal".

Some carried placards saying Special Relationship?

Facing global pressure, Trump later walked back the comments, first calling them "fake news" and later saying that whatever May wanted to do with Brexit was fine with him.

But according to Parliament member Kate Hoey, many British citizens who voted for Brexit likely agree with Trump's criticism of the White Papers.

Trump also said that he "would have done it much differently" in reference to the Brexit plan.

"She said: 'Don't worry it's only the press.' I thought that was very professional". The U.S. can not negotiate a trade deal with the United Kingdom until that date Theresa May cited, which is in 2019.

"The reaffirmation of the British-U.S. relation we saw at the press conference will probably assuage some of the doubts we have seen about the status of the relationship", Parakilas said.

In the weeks before Trump's inauguration, May sent Trump a copy of the text of Churchill's 1941 Christmas Eve radio address to Americans, delivered while the prime minister was staying with Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor.

President Donald Trump once again falsely claimed he "predicted" Brexit.

Trump said that Khan was doing a "terrible job" in fighting crime and believed the mayor was responsible for the terror attacks that had taken place in London because he had "done a very bad job on terrorism" as well as a "bad job on crime".