Allegheny County Health Department to treat for mosquitoes

Allegheny County Health Department to treat for mosquitoes

A mosquito trap in Drumbo tested positive for the virus during routine surveillance. They can be infected when they feed on the blood of infected birds.

The health district said mosquito testing, which began in June is expected to continue through the late fall.

The first West Nile virus-related death of the year in Dallas County has been reported, the county health department confirmed to WFAA on Tuesday.

Residents are reminded to protect themselves against mosquito bites to avoid West Nile virus.

Use insect repellent containing DEET when outside.

There was one human case of West Nile virus in Oxford County in 2017.

Wear clothing made of tightly woven fabric that covers the entire body.

Since 2000, 134 cases of the virus have been diagnosed in CT residents and three people have died after being infected with the virus.

Drain or treat all standing water in and around your home or workplace.

The abatement district has increased treatments in those areas in an effort to prevent human cases.