Aretha Franklin: Date set for Detroit funeral

Aretha Franklin: Date set for Detroit funeral

Franklin died in Detroit Thursday following a long illness at the age of 76.

"Some singers, they compromise their racial and gender dignity to make hit records", Jackson said - but not Franklin.

Franklin, who was widely known by only her first name, in true diva style, rose from singing gospel in her father's church to regularly topping rhythm and blues and pop charts in the 1960s and 1970s. He went on to work with her on several songs and albums, including the memorable duet between Franklin and Mary J. Blige on "Never Gonna Break My Faith" for the soundtrack for the 2006 movie "Bobby". "I've known [for] sometime about her condition, and I just prayed, even though the odds were very, very, very insane - when you think two out of 100 would succeed - [that she] would beat this thing".

He told of how when Franklin toured as she was starting out as a singer, she often stayed in private homes, because there weren't hotels that let blacks stay.

Franklin was involved with the fight for equality alongside Parks and performed at Martin Luther King's funeral in 1968.

"My mom played (Franklin's) music all the time when I was growing up", she said. Republican President George Bush, a Republican, awarded Franklin in 2005 the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award.

In 1990, she sang at a rally in his honor in Detroit after his release from prison in South Africa.

"When she sang, she embodied what we were fighting for, and her music strengthened us".

"Few people in the history of our city have been as universally loved or left as indelible a mark as Aretha", Mayor Mike Duggan said in a statement.

She continued, "And it is in Detroit that I continue to cultivate my career; it is to Detroit that I direct most of my charitable activities; and it is from Detroit that I receive much love and support, which I reciprocate".

In 2010, she and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice performed a duet at Philadelphia's Mann Music Center to raise money for urban children and awareness for music and the arts.

Shaw also said he remembers the look on the bass player for Franklin's band, which he described as being "just so cool".

The funeral for Aretha Franklin will be held August 31 in Detroit, according to the singer's publicist, Gwendolyn Quinn. They said Franklin made an effort to make sure anyone who came to her house to feel at home.

To some people, the song's lyrics-Think about what you're trying to do to me-came across as a message with anti-Vietnam War connotations urging the USA government to "think" about what it was doing, according to her autobiography.