Cleaning crew finds dead fetus on American Airlines plane

Cleaning crew finds dead fetus on American Airlines plane

A cleaning crew found a dead fetus in the bathroom on an American Airlines plane early Tuesday morning, according to WPIX.

According to sources, Flight 1942 from Charlotte, North Carolina, arrived at Terminal B on Monday around 10:44 p.m.

The fetus was between three to six months along.

Matt Miller, a spokesperson for American Airlines told USA TODAY, the airline is cooperating with law enforcement in its investigation of "this tragic and sensitive situation".

Airport officials this morning tweeted about possible delays, but did not make mention of the reason. American Airlines said it was assisting police with their investigation.

MailOnline reported that AA, Port Authority Police and Queens District Attorney's Office are now working together to investigate what happened to the fetus.

American Airlines said it would not impact the rest of their fleet.

A traveler who was scheduled to fly out of LaGuardia to Charlotte at 7:55 a.m. was frustrated that her flight was delayed three times without explanation.