Dez to Browns GM: 'I'm coming ... to see you'

Dez to Browns GM: 'I'm coming ... to see you'

One Instagram user, nevertheless, thought that Bryant's tweets during the Browns' preseason opener were out of necessity, rather than a want to play for the team.

After Browns general manager John Dorsey called out Dez Bryant, the free-agent wide receiver tweeted he'll be visiting Cleveland next week.

Bryant then playfully interacted with the fans on Twitter, including a response about his motivation to visit Cleveland first that indicated he was definitely paying attention to the Browns 20-10 win.

Dez Bryant tells me he's "got a plan" for a return to the National Football League. and that the plan includes a visit next week to the Cleveland Browns.

However, Bryant claimed less than two hours later that he already had spoken to the Browns GM.

On Tuesday night, Landry posted tweets that revisited the notion of Bryant coming to Cleveland.

Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said he believes Bryant will play in the National Football League this season.

Bryant, a three-time Pro Bowler, was released in April after an eight-year Cowboys run in which he became the franchise leader in touchdown receptions.

The Browns traded wide receiver Corey Coleman earlier this week to the Bills for a draft pick, so they have an opening in their receiving core.