Gmail for Android Gets Confidential Mode

Gmail for Android Gets Confidential Mode

Google has been silently rolling out new features and changes in design to its Gmail app on both iOS and Android devices.

Gmail has extended its confidential mode, a feature that lets emails self-destruct, as some headline writers put it, to Android and iOS.

Google also notes that although confidential mode helps prevent the confidential email's recipients from accidentally sharing your email, it doesn't prevent them from taking screenshots or photos of the users messages and attachments. These refer to the recipient's inability to copy, forward, download, or print content.

Before enabling the mode, Gmail will give you a few options to set the expiration of your email. You can specify for how long the email should be accessible to the recipient before it's disappeared. That is a very secure way to view an email, and you can definitely send sensitive and confidential material to others.

For starters, the Gmail app on your phone has to be the most recently updated version. Now, click on the compose button to create a new email. There, you'll find an option for configuring the Confidential Mode. Lastly, users using Gmail with a work or school account will need to contact their administrator in order to use confidential mode. We recently saw the new upgrade of Gmail in its display which is very attractive and appealing for the users.

It's a handy tool if you're sending information you're afraid of leaking out, or personal details that recipients should only need access to for a limited amount of time. You can also Renew Access if you want them to see the message. All passcodes will be generated by Google while non-Gmail recipients will get an email passcode to authenticate.

Here, find the mail that you sent with confidential mode and open.

This feature has been available with the desktop users since the previous year.

Just as fundamental has been the development of Google's Gmail, and the fact that it keeps evolving over time makes it that much better.

In the top right, tap More Confidential mode.