Kanye West Has Cancelled "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden Three Times

Kanye West Has Cancelled

Ariana Grande and James Corden have been shooting their Carpool Karaoke for The Late Late Show and it looks like Ari injured her hand during filming. Tuesday night (August 7) on his show, Corden revealed - appropriately enough to Kanye's mother-in-law, Kris Jenner - that he's tried to get Kanye on "Carpool Karaoke" two or three times. Corden told Jenner that West's people told him, "He's not in the zone for it right now".

The 39-year-old went on to share that West even canceled one time as the talk show host "was turning the corner to his house". "I was in a vehicle and by the time the call finished I was sat outside his house and they were like, 'He's not in the zone for it right now, we'll do it another time'".

Even Grande manager Scooter Braun got in on the act, posting a photo on Instagram of himself in the vehicle with Corden and director Ben Winston, writing "A big one is on the way!"

To make up for his last-minute cancellation, West, 41, sent him "a lovely gift". Despite West's multiple cancelations, and Corden still sounding bitter about it, it's clear the host is still hoping the rapper will come through one day.

He added, "People were like, 'Woah, they're so expensive.' And I was like, 'Yeah!"

"He's my dream", Corden said. "He's our dream". He knows that, he's my absolute dream'. "And we sit and wait".

During the game, the momager sipped a sardine smoothie rather than answer which daughter she'd cut from KUWTK if she had to; and ate a cricket instead of confriming or denying she was engaged to Corey Gamble.

No one knows what she did or how she did it, but we bet it was hilarious and hopefully we'll find out when the segment drops.