Mobile Announces New Lower Cost 'T-Mobile Essentials' Plan

Mobile Announces New Lower Cost 'T-Mobile Essentials' Plan

T-Mobile will begin offering the plan on Friday. A second line runs $30 per month; lines 3-6 cost just $15 per month.

T-Mobile has a new smartphone plan focusing on the holy trifecta: unlimited calls, messaging, and data, and very little else. "During times and places with heavy network demand, Essentials customers may notice slower speeds than other customers", T-Mobile warned in a statement.

For one line of service Verizon's cheapest unlimited offering, gounlimited, comes in at $75 per line with autopay, while AT&T's cheapest Unlimited &More is priced at $70 for a single line. One Plus costs an additional United States dollars 10 per line per month. For plans with multiple lines, that'll add an extra $20 per month per line- or an additional $10 per month on top of the T-Mobile One plan. Customers also get unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico and Canada as well unlimited texting and $0.25 per minute calling in other worldwide destinations.

The cheaper plan limits video to 480p and hotspot connections are always 3G. They've got Above Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, Beyond Unlimited, Unlimited and More... The plan lacks any fancy add-ons like worldwide data access or unlimited mobile hotspot, and instead focuses on what most people care strongly about. As mentioned. Netflix is included with both plans. T-Mo also says that if you switch to the new plan, you will lose discounts on service like free line promotions, but you can keep most device promos when you're getting monthly bill credits. The Un-carrier wants to make it easy. Wireless companies (including T-Mobile, which was contacted for this article) don't provide any guidance on average taxes, given the vast difference in how the taxes and fees are calculated and applied in different states.

T-Mobile has been one of the most aggressive wireless carriers when it comes to limiting costs and trying to give users more value for what they pay.

T-Mobile Essentials will be open for new and existing subscribers to sign up as of August 10.