Police Respond After More Than 100 K2 Overdoses In Connecticut

Police Respond After More Than 100 K2 Overdoses In Connecticut

Emergency responders in New Haven, Conn. are dealing with over 80 overdose cases from a synthetic marijuana that authorities said was passed out in a local park.

Campbell also released the results of tests indicating that the K2 causing the rash of overdoses had been laced with a substance called fubinaca.

"With the exception of one patient, thus far, the illnesses are largely not life-threatening and concentrated to a portion of the New Haven green", Hartman said.

Officials believe the individuals may have taken doses of K2, a synthetic drug marketed as being similar to marijuana.

CT police have made multiple arrests in connection with 76 overdose cases at a New Haven park.

"We know that it is a chronic relapsing disease", Harp said.

New Haven Police arrested a second suspect, 37-year-old parolee Felix Melendez, and federal authorities apprehended a third though it is unclear whether the two are connected to the overdoses.

Campbell said it appears one of three suspects who were arrested was giving the drug away for free in an effort to get people hooked.

They also revealed that the number of overdoses was 114, some of whom were patients who needed to be treated multiple times.

"We heard from people on the green this morning that it potentially included PCP", she said at the news conference. No deaths were reported in either outbreak. It has been blamed for overdoses globally.

New Haven Fire Chief John Alston said the event was largest concentration of overdose victims the department had experienced.

The incident comes in the wake of a new report that found a record 72,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2017.

Alston said drug overdoses in New Haven, as in other cities, are at epidemic proportions and that the city is in the grip of a public health crisis.

On Thursday morning, fire and emergency crews responded to an area right across from City Hall, working feverishly to bring patients back. Chief Mark Vendetto, New Haven Fire Department.

Officials said what happened over the past week was something with which the city has never dealt. "Narcan was not effective here at the scene", said Alston. "The substance behind these overdoses is highly unsafe and must be avoided".

"Today, we're joining together to send a strong warning to anyone who may use synthetic marijuana products that these products can be especially risky as a result of the seemingly deliberate use of brodifacoum in these illegal products", the officials said.

Hawk said the people who tested positive may have taken other drugs laced with fentanyl in addition to the synthetic marijuana, which is plant material sprayed with drugs and chemicals.