Samsung starts mass production of first 4-bit SSDs for consumers

Samsung starts mass production of first 4-bit SSDs for consumers

"As we expand our line-up across consumer segments and to the enterprise, 4-bit terabyte-SSD products will rapidly spread throughout the entire market", Han added. Stack enough of those together, and you can get a lot of storage in the standard 2.5-inch SSD form factor at lower costs.

This is all thanks to the more efficient production of 4-bit QLC NAND flash memory, while retaining the same performance level as a 3-bit SSD according to Samsung.

Storing more bits per cell in QLC drives inevitably means lower performance and endurance when compared to TLC, but Samsung claims it has managed to maintain the performance level of existing TLC drives.

In addition, Samsung discloses that it will make use of the same technology "to efficiently produce a 128GB memory card for smartphones that will lead the charge toward higher capacities for high-performance memory storage". However, those prices are set to tumble as Samsung just started mass producing 4TB QLC drives.

It has started mass producing the "industry's first" 4-bit 4TB SATA solid-state drive for consumers, with the objective of releasing the new drive "later this year".

However, Samsung says its new SSDs are on par with the performance of its three-bit SSDs, achieved by using a three-bit SSD control, its TurboWrite technology, and boosting capacity by using 32 chips based on its 64-layer fourth-gen 1TB V-NAND chip. They also come with a three year warranty for peace of mind. This chip design will end up in consumer SSDs as a 1Tb (terabit) 4-bit V-NAND chip.

The Samsung 4TB 850 EVO SSD is now listed on Amazon.co.uk with a £1,399.99 retail price (albeit discounted to £999.99 at present).

Samsung says it plans to also release 1TB and 2TB versions and that the first ones will be available later this year.